About Us

Transforming bathrooms is our passion.  Since 2013, the Bathroom Cladding Store has supplied cladding for countless bathrooms: a task which we take very seriously (bordering on obsession).  We’ve curated our collection from all over the world – sourcing the most stunning marble panels, sparkling bathroom cladding, and luxurious vinyl flooring.  If you want a bathroom to love, we’re here for it. 

Our team of bathroom design experts is based in our brick-and-mortar store in Sunderland.  We’re passionate about our service, and we want you to get the bathroom of your dreams.  When you need advice, we’re always here – and happy to help you choose exactly the right products.

Argenta Grey Wall Cladding
BLACK SLATE Floor Cladding

Why choose Bathroom Cladding Store?

  • We love Cladding
    And we’re here to give you unbiased advice about your project.  We love a bit of DIY chat.
  • Exceptional products
    Browse with confidence.  We’ve curated a range of excellent (and some award-winning) cladding and flooring.
  • Trusted since 2013
    Our business is built on loyalty. We’ve expanded online, but we still offer the same personal service. Always there at your service.
  • Speedy delivery
    We know your project has a timeline.  We’ll dispatch as fast as possible – and free within 20 miles.
  • Everything’s guaranteed
    So install and enjoy.  Check product pages to see the length of guarantee.

Quick and easy installation

Our bathroom cladding and shower panels are impressively easy to install. The panels can be cut to size (using a regular saw) and attached using adhesive, nails, or screws.  The tongue-and-groove system fits panels together without grout.  Many of them can be fitted on top of plaster, cement, brick or even old tiles. With a little DIY experience, you can definitely tackle cladding.  

If you have questions about fitting or choosing, send them our way.
Email advice@bathroomcladdingstore.uk

BEIGE STONE Floor Cladding
Cantera Cladding

Quality is guaranteed

There are plenty of stores selling bathroom cladding. But there is only one Bathroom Cladding Store!  We’re extremely particular about our products, and we think that you should be, too.  

What can you expect from our cladding, panels and flooring?  We have some key criteria: quality standards (thick and well-made panels or tiles), a respected manufacturer (supplying a guarantee), and a long-lasting finish (which won’t delaminate).  Any product that doesn’t tick the boxes doesn’t get a place on our shelves.  Because we’ve done the research, you can order with perfect peace of mind.

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