Bringing you beautiful seascape driftwood indoors.

Our Driftwood panels offer you the strength, rigidity and beauty of normal driftwood, but without the worry of wear and tear commonly associated with natural wood. The Driftwood panel range is a versatile commodity for any homeroom as the panels can be installed horizontally or vertically to create a sense of modern tranquillity.
The Driftwood range comes in a neutral colour palette that includes muted browns; greys and whites, that can help add a sense of calm to any room in your household. The Driftwood range is comprised of sturdy high-impact panels that are 4.3kg in weight for every square meter. Other benefits include improved room insulation, especially for bathrooms, reducing condensation and potential water damage or grot build up.

These panels are an excellent alternative to tiles, being easy to install and maintain over time. They are made from a high specification PVC allowing for strong construction, while simultaneously being light and easy to handle.

Average panel dimensions:
*2.6m (Length), 250mm (Width), 8mm (Depth)

* Exact dimensions can be found on individual product listings

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