Luxury Vinyl Tiles, also known as LVTs, may look like real stone or wood and can have any type of design printed onto it. They offer a host of practical benefits and come in the form of either planks or tiles for convenient installation. Relatively recently introduced to the market, these tiles are growing in popularity thanks to their simplicity and style.

LVT flooring is made from PVC vinyl, applied in multiple layers with the PVC having been mixed with a number of different compounds to increase its strength. These PVC vinyl sheets are compressed carefully in a rolling process while suspended in liquid before being dried by applying air and heat to create tough vinyl sheets. On the top layer, they may be an embossed finish, and manufacturers can make the top layer look even more realistic by adding a deeper layer to copy the grooves naturally found in wood or stone.

At the end of the manufacturing process, a coating of clear vinyl and urethane is applied to an LVT floor to give even more comfort and protection to the final product. They’re compressed together, with a printed, decorative vinyl layer being bonded onto the surface for more warmth underfoot. Often, rigid LVT boards will be thicker and feature a click system for easier self-installation.

Luxury vinyl tiles measure between 2mm – 6mm in thickness, with top layers that range from a depth of 0.1mm – 0.6mm. While this sounds very thin, they are extra-strong, making them ideal for use in any heavy-traffic or commercial environment. As an added benefit, the thin profile also ensures less disruption to shower trays, skirting and other existing features.

Thanks to their durability, convenience and waterproofing, LVTs are perfect for use in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms as well as commercial environments and living spaces.

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