Are shower panels better than tiles?

Planning a bathroom renovation?  Put down that tub of grout!  Shower panels are waterproof, beautiful, and easy to install.  And if you’re still hovering over those tiles in your online basket, we’re here to convince you.  Here we weigh up the benefits of using shower panels versus traditional tiles. 

What are shower panels?

A shower panel is the modern alternative to tiling or cladding.  It’s a large, lightweight panel that can be attached to the wall for a waterproof and ultra-stylish look.   

What’s so great about them?

We may be biased, but it’s true that waterproof bathroom panels have SO many benefits over tiles.   

Quick installation:  Tiling requires small-scale cutting, spacers, and time.  Shower panels are simply glued or screwed in place.  Because you attach them in huge sheets, the wall gets covered faster.  Many of them can be fitted onto plasterboard, breeze block, or even old tiles.  And your bathroom will be ready to use within about a day! 

Click and go:  Tiles require cement and grout, along with a careful hand.  Meanwhile, shower panels feature tongue-and-groove edges which simply fit together to produce a secure seal.   

Completely waterproof finish:  Vital in a bathroom, really.  Shower panels aren’t susceptible to splashes; when you use tiles, the grout can become damp and mouldy.  But panels won’t admit or hold water – so they’re great for finishing a wetroom.   

No grout = no mould:  If you’ve ever scrubbed mould from the grout between tiles, you’ll love the wide, clean expanse of a shower panel!  It’s easy to wipe over and you won’t need bleach; a gentle, non-abrasive solution will do.  (We like Method’s Daily Shower Spray.) 

A HUGE range of finishes:  From classic slate to urban concrete and luxurious Italian marble – the modern finishes are incredibly realistic, so you can pick a style that fits yours.  You can even buy a shower panel that’s designed to impersonate tiles.  Modern finishes are beautifully designed to give you a look that’s easier to maintain than the real thing. 

Sustainable credentials:  Tiles are often made in natural ceramic or stone, but did you know that many shower panels are made with sustainable materials too?  Some can be recycled after removal.  Check product pages (or get in touch) to see options which are FSC-Certified, recyclable, and made in the UK. 

Are shower panels easier to install than tiles?

There’s no doubt that tiling can be a slow and mindful process – and one which pleases many people.  But the cutting, fitting, and spacing undoubtedly make it a long job.   

Shower panels give you a quick alternative.  They can be fitted using adhesive, screws or nails.  They’re supplied in huge sheets so you can cut them to the correct size (using an ordinary saw).  Even for a newbie, the whole project will be surprisingly quick.  Once the glue dries, your bathroom is ready to enjoy. 

Are shower panels cheaper than tiles?

The answer depends which panels or tiles you choose (…like everything in life, you will pay more for quality).  But the price of shower panels is very similar to tiles – in other words, there’s not much in it! 

Our shower panel prices start at around £18/sqm and budget tiles cost around £12-£15 per sqm.  (It’s worth noting that we only stock the best panels with good warranties.)  

You’ll also save money on grout and cement, needing only screws or adhesive to fit the panels.  If you already have tiles on the wall, new shower panels can be fitted on top.  The cost of removing old tiles can be enormous, so this is a big saving. 

What is the best shower panel?

When choosing a shower panel, check that it is fire-rated and waterproof; a long warranty is a useful indication of quality.    

Of course, you’re busy, so it’s good to know that we’ve done the preliminary checks for you.  At the Bathroom Cladding Store, you’ll only find the finest shower panels.  Our years of in-store experience have helped us to refine the collection to assure you of quality.  If you have questions about your choice, get in touch. 

Here are our contenders for Britain’s best shower panels: 

For cutting-edge style: Vox & Vilo produces designer shower panels, perfect for feature walls.  Uber-cool finishes like Red Brick, Concrete Art, and Colour Wood are modern works of art. 

For a hardwearing finish: The Urban Collection is recommended for commercial installations because it’s extra-tough.  These panels are heavier and more impact-resistant than most, in a range of classic designs including Concrete and White Wood. 

For continental style:  European favourite Motivo Marmo features Italian-style marble finishes.  Their panels are durable and guaranteed for 5 years too. 

For realistic effect: Dumapan’s SMP panels are made using Synchronised Multicolour Printing, which produces a high-resolution image with exceptional detail.  There are designs in stone, wood, and Italianate printed tile. 

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